Saturday, 27 December 2008


Isn't it surprising how much rubbish you collect over Christmas! As we will not be having a collection until next Saturday, we will dutifully take it over to the tip tomorrow. On the subject of rubbish I had to go and see the District Nurse at Newington Clinic this afternoon(my burn is getting a lot better) and coming home via Newlands and Dumpton couldn't get over the amount of rubbish lying about especially Fosters lager cans -its a shame they can't DNA them and them dump them at that person's house but then again they probably wouldn't notice!

Just a short explanation of the previous picture - my eldest hadn't consumed too much Tia Maria but had been helping his Dad make a fantastic Christmas Dinner, he hadn't work so hard for ages and just crashed in the back room and I just couldn't resist taking a photo for posterity!
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ascu75 aka Don said...

cant believe peoples iresponsible way they think of rubbish