Friday, 16 April 2010

EXhibtion Time

Broadstairs library are staging The Isle of Thanet Photographic Society photo exhibition at present, and my brother-in-law has a photo on show(top right -the one with the crocuses).

All the pictures are very good and worth a visit if passing.

P.S Happy Birthday Louis.

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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Shelter Update

I received the following reply from Thanet Council yesterday -

'Thank you for your email regarding the above shelter, please be advised that it is on our programme of works to be repaired. Unfortunately, the problem with the roof tiles is due to a combination of high winds, general vandalism and footballs, and has actually been repaired on several occasions. Thank you once again for taking the time to report it. '
I was beginning to wonder whether they had received my email but obviously they had and it had been allocated to the right department as well.
I think an automated email receipt system would be benefical as people would know whether their email had been received, just a thought.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Help, I need some TLC

My son has been learning how to ride his bike on the prom in the eastcliff area of Ramsgate.
Yesterday I noticed the poor state of repair of the old shelter roof.
The slates look very heavy and some have already fallen off.
I think some TLC is due (or should I say TDC)

P.S I have just emailed the council about this. We shall see what happens.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Easter Holidays

We popped over to King George VI Park earlier this week and had a explore through the undergrowth and an Ice Cream. As you can see it was quite cold and miserable.

Then today what a difference and what a beautiful sign of spring.

We then wandered down the beach and found this poor old crab washed up.

Posted by PicasaAnd then - silly me- I decided to get my bike out and have a very small ride, I am soooooooo unfit!

P.S There is a market down Broadstairs Harbour this weekend, Ems Cupcakes are going to be there and her cakes are scrummy.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Saw this tree at Wildwood yesterday, really old and gnarly- bit like the political system in this country.

Well Gordan Brown is about to take the plunge and call a General Election. About time and of course the news programmes have already started wheeling out the experts - as if anybody takes any notice of them.

All people are interested in are whether they will have to pay more tax and which party will cut services most.
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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter in Broadstairs

We took the dog for a stroll down the harbour today and we couldn't believe how many people where wandering around.

The market at the Harbour Arm was on today and my friend Ems cupcakes had had a really good day. Weather permitting it will be there tomorrow.

Popped into the craft fair at the Pavillion and bought a couple of scarves to add to my growing collection.

Then wandered up the High Street to the Italian Market which was doing a good trade as well.

It was so nice so see the place so busy.

Anyway we are having Roast Beef for dinner and it smells delicious!!! Must dash...............
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Saturday, 3 April 2010


As the weather has been quite reasonable the last few days I have been out and about on foot (saves on petrol).

On my travels I couldn't fail to notice the vast amounts of violets everywhere, this spring is turning into one of the best for a long time.

We have just returned from a wander into Broadstairs where there is an Easter egg hunt at Balmoral Gardens, it costs £2.00 and the kids get a large flake egg, not a bad deal - oh and watch out for the Badger!!!

Also there is an Italian Market tomorrow and Monday in Broadstairs - Olives mmmmmm!
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