Thursday, 29 May 2008

Its raining again!

Well another sunny May Day. I have been playing with hubbies camera this afternoon, got some quite nice shots of my youngest and the soggy garden. Maybe I will try and get some nice sunny shots at the weekend!
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Clematis in the rain

Couldn't resist showing you this clematis flower from my garden. The plant was bought at a garden show last year for a £1.00 and was about 6" high after much neglect it has decided to flower today. It's beauty makes up for the rain don't you think?
God when is the weather going to cheer up! Didn't do anything yesterday afternoon as the weather looked a bit dodgy then all it did was blow hard again.

Went shopping at jolly old Tesco's this morning, spent far too much but had little un with me and they tend to want extra bits i.e gingerbread men, jelly, fruit shoots etc. Did notice that there were a lot more offers on then normal maybe they are getting a bit jittery about peoples spending I know I have been cutting back - only three bars of chocolate instead of four (he!he!)

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Good morning

Well I have finally bitten the bullet and decided to start blogging after reading various local blogs for quite a while.

What a night! The lightning was quite spectacular but slightly scary as we were struck by it last year and we had to replace most of our electrical items. So their I am staring out of the window(you just have to don't you!) praying that we wont be hit again. Luckily it went over quite quickly and I have checked my vast estate and everything seems ok phew!

As the kids are off school this week I am trying to think of things to amuse them that doesn't cost much, so far we have watched Star wars 1, 2, 4 and 5 played a number of Star Wars games, built Star Wars lego figures (can you see a pattern). We might try and get out today either down the beach hut (wellies optional) or to the park (wellies compulsory).

As this is my first post I seem to be rambling but if you stick with me I just might come up with something exciting.