Saturday, 31 October 2009

Paper aeroplanes

As you can see the illness is finally over and we managed to get to the free paper aeroplane making event at Ramsgate Library.

There were lots of different types of planes to make and test. We then had to decide on one plane to fly in the final competition.

The top three planes all won a book voucher. Unfortunately we came fourthish never mind!
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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Half Tem illness

My eldest was ill last week with a bad temperature, sickness and all the other symptoms of flu. I must admit I did panic when he started spouting jiberish and looked like the undead so I went and got him some Tamiflu which worked really quickly.

Unfortunately this Tuesday about lunchtime my youngest decided he felt sick and started a raging temperature. I therefore have had to nurse him during the day and sleep on the floor in his room at night. He hasn't had all the aches and pains and has been quite lucid at times chatting at fourteen to the dozen about Pokemon.

Finally today at lunchtime his temperature came down but he still feels sick - so much for half term I am completely stir crazy, so much so that if I have to watch another episode of Horrid Henry I am going to scream (must admit I am going to watch the Sarah Jane Mystery's in a mo - its got David Tennant in it).

Sorry about the long post need to let off steam.

P.S We hopefully are going to a paper aeroplane making session at Ramsgate Library on Saturday at 3.30. They may have some tickets left if your a lucky.
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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Red glass bracelet

I am trying to sell some items on the Internet. Have tried putting some items on Folksy - a website where people sell handmade items, as it only costs 20p to list an item thought I would give it a go, trouble is haven't had anybody view my items yet, so have resorted to eBay which is going to cost me about £2.00 per item. Fingers crossed I sell something as I haven't got an event until the Holy Trinity School Ramsgate Craft Fair which is on Friday 6th November 7pm - 9pm.
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Sunday, 25 October 2009

WOW, My red pepper

WOW!!!!!!!! This is my red pepper that I have been nurturing all summer, I finally took the plunge to pick it today. I have never managed to get my peppers to go red before so I am really chuffed. I am trying to decide how to eat it now!
P.S Made it into fajitas-and it was delicious!!!!!