Monday, 22 December 2008

The countdown continues

Well I know it isn't a Christmas picture but I managed to pour hot baked bean juice over the back of my hand and I have a rather nasty burn, so it is rather difficult photographing anything at the moment. But this sunset on Saturday evening rather took my fancy so I snapped it and it came out quite well.

I suppose I could have snapped the hoards of shoppers at Westwood Cross on Saturday but when I was there in the morning, they wasn't any more than a normal Saturday. My mum works in Ramsgate and she said it has been very quiet all month.

Anyway on a more personal note I would like to say Happy Retirement to my Mum, she is retiring on Wednesday after working for the same company since 1958 (she did have some time off to have us kids but it works out she has given 40 years service). Enjoy yourself!

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ascu75 aka Don said...

you should post that on skywatch friday have a look at my blog its easy to do and fun sky pictures from all over the world