Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Margate Harbour

This is a shot of the new Turner centre from the Harbour Arm at Margate. This was quite a difficult picture to take as I was trying to hold my nose at the same time, as the stench was unbelievable.

It made me feel quite sick for a long time after.

We had decided to have a wander along the Harbour Arm last Friday but unfortunately they was nothing open apart from the cafe but the smell was so bad we beat a hasty retreat into the old town. We found a few interesting shops open and had a nice chat with a few people, but it needs a shed load of money to transform the area. The architecture is there, some of the old shops would look wonderful repaired and used again.

We live in hope, Thanet Hope.

P.S Don't forget the Kite Festival at Margate Beach this weekend, it was truly amazing last year, fingers crossed for nice weather.
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