Thursday, 25 June 2009

Swine Flu

I see we have our first case of swine flu at the Marlowe Academy (see Kent Online). I suppose as it was as close as Canterbury University it was bound to come this way sooner or later. Just spoken to a friend whose nephew goes there, it has all happened so quickly nobody knows quite what is going on yet. They are going to be advised over the weekend as to wether the school will be open next week.

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Anonymous said...

i am a student at the academy i also work there from time to time, i knew there was a possibility that a member of staff had swine flu, and today i left school at 4:30pm and i didnt find out that school was closed tomorow until i checked my facebook. i have deadlines that need to be completed, and i understand that there will be nothing put in place for us to finish our work, such as the sports hall being used. this is a major incovienience as the work needs to be done to get through to next years sixth form, i understand that the school will probably need a deep clean, however the school could have closed on monday when it was known there was a possibility of swine flu, because it would have opened again by now. and also keeping the school open the past week, has potentially let the infection spread. disgusted student.