Sunday, 28 June 2009

Steam Fayre, Preston

We went to the Steam Fayre at Preston yesterday afternoon (it is still on today) as the littleuns spots have gone down and after being cooped up for a few days thought we would go and have some fun. What an amazing afternoon, it was just like stepping back in time to when I was a kid. It was a proper fayre with lots of rides for the kids including bumper cars and a coconut shy (my husband won two coconuts with only three balls). They were lots of steam engines of various shapes and sizes that were paraded around the show ring at various times. They were lots of old vehicles including motor bikes, cars, milk floats and an old East Kent bus.

We also found barns and yards full of old steam engines and a number of musical organs. They was a ploughing match going on with horse drawn ploughs and steam ploughs which we watched from Preston Church graveyard while drinking tea and eating delicious chocolate cake. There was also a steam train running on temporary lines.

As you can tell we had a lovely time and I would thoroughly recommend it to everyone. Next year we will take a picnic and go all day.
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