Monday, 2 August 2010


Well haven't had chance to post about my little trip round the Turner centre last week. I thought it was a lot smaller than I expected but they seem very enthusiastic, I enquired what exhibitions we could expect but they are not releasing details until the Autumn but they have planned as far ahead as 2013.

I also asked about parking - they are expecting people to park in College Road Car Park and walk through the Old Town past all the shops. Trouble is I wouldn't park in that car park as I find it very scary and so do a lot of people I have spoken too, hmmm!

So that's another trip to Margate under my belt, next one will be for the Kite Festival.
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Anonymous said...

Thats Thanet Council for you, full of good ideas but implemented by completely incompetent idiots who don't have a clue !

Look at the turner center, £18M of utter nonesense.... now turn and look at the seafront, just think what £18M could have turned that into, a GOLDEN MILE of opportunity squandered by certain individuals in council feeding themselves first as usual.

Anonymous said...

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