Friday, 9 July 2010

How does you garden grow?

I have been making a lot of flower brooches, hair slides etc to take to Broadstairs Harbour Market on Sunday - hope its not as windy as last week, we had to take the gazebo down or we would have ended up in the sea.

We were quite surprised by the amount of tourists we spoke to on Sunday, didn't know they existed in such large quantities, everybody loved the place and the majority said they would be back!

So TDC listen up, stop cutting the tourism budget, the tourists are here and they need looking after.
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Anonymous said...

Just wish TDC would take a leaf out of what is happening in Hastings - thats a town that really is regenerating. Last visited 7 years ago - visited this week on Monday, busy shops, lovely pubs and cafes and restaurants in the old town. The place was ALIVE!

Tree Hugger said...

Haven't been to Hastings for years, always enjoyed it though. I think that there's such a lot of negativity about, people need to start reacting postively to the area as there are a hell of alot worst places to be. I have lived here all my life, I remember what it was like - it wasn't a bed of roses.