Sunday, 16 November 2008


We woke up this morning to find that a fox had got to our chickens. I stupidly forgot to shut the run. One has completely disappeared, one was shall we say in a disassembled state and luckily we still have one but she is in a severely shocked state with a number of injuries. We are taking here to the vets at 10.00 so I will post an update later. I am so upset that it was my fault, my littleun turned round and said 'Mummy accidents happen'
PS. Unfortunately the vet couldn't help the chicken as she had a broken wing and was very shocked so she was put to sleep.
PPS. The fox was spotted in next doors garden this morning so we won't be getting any more chickens just yet we will probably leave it to the spring.
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Donald said...

Thats such a pity but being an old country boy its life. Will you replace them? I hope so fresh eggs are such a joy and I bet your children love collecting them. and chickens are fun to watch ......... Gone but not forgotten