Wednesday, 3 September 2008


This is our new cat Jasper we got him from the RSPCA for £70 this includes all his jabs, neutering and microchipping. He didn't have a very good start, they thought he was dead when he was bought in but he has survived very well, he still has a poorly eye but hopefully that will get better with time. He is very affectionate and soppy. My five year old loves him and spends most of his time playing cars with him. Its quite nice having a young cat in the house again as our other cat is nine and prefers to spend most of her time snoring.

Anyway if anybody is interested the Time and Space shop in Broadstairs is having Storm Troopers and Bob Afet (think i spelt that wrong) visiting on Saturday morning, my little-un is counting down the days, I will post the pictures next week.
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