Tuesday, 19 August 2008


Three guesses as to where we went on Holiday. We managed to get a late booking at a cottage on the Isle of Wight, so off we trundled with all our summer gear - swimming costumes, t-shirts, buckets and spades etc, but not to be caught out like I was in Devon two years ago, we also packed jumpers, and coats. Needless to say the weather was really poor and very windy we actually used the fire in our cottage it was that cold in the evenings, but as we are British we made the most of the time we had by eating our way through large amounts of fudge, fish and chips and ice cream, and by testing the local brew which was quite good.

Only two weeks left of the school holiday hooray! I don't know whose more bored me or the little-un, we desperately want to get down our beach hut but its just not possible, what a pain in the neck. Never mind there is always next summer!!!

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